Gardiner Resources is an independent investment banking firm that provides high-quality advisory services to clients in its core markets. Gardiner Resources is the first investment bank that is operating both traditionally (offline) and online. The unique model of online investment bank utilizes the remote work of top-notched investment banking professionals on a part-time basis.

With a wide network of connections and remote work possibilities, Gardiner Resources is able to gather effective cross-country teams for deal execution. Gardiner Resources provides the employees with all the necessary equipment and services for productive work: virtual data room services, a unique corporate knowledge base, administrative support, etc. In the next few years, Gardiner Resources is expecting to use artificial intelligence (AI) to help teams during the deal execution via technologies that will simplify the routine valuation work and the process of creating the marketing materials.

In the framework of Gardiner Resources’ model, it does not matter whether you work from the office or from home – you just need to do your job perfectly. To control the quality of the deliverable product, a rating system of part-time employees takes place, and a lot of attention is attracted to the feedback of clients and teammates.

Our strategy
  • Building out a global network of partners with strong client relationships and access to deal flow or transaction counterparties
  • Combining in-house expertise in selected products, industries and geographies with those of trusted partners
  • Offering fair and transparent terms to all transaction stakeholders
  • Providing high quality execution platform and all required infrastructure
  • Utilizing a unique internet platform allowing for smooth communication


We possess a truly entrepreneurial mindset. We aim to face every situation the same way our clients do, apply risk-reward approach and go far beyond a typical investment banker-client relationship



Quality is the guiding principle in everything we do at Gardiner Resources and is monitored throughout all aspects of our operations



We are always honest with our clients. If we think that the deal brings no profit to a client, we clearly say so. Transparency is vital to our identity, our culture and our success


Sell / Buy businesses and assets


Restructure businesses


Raise capital


Resolve shareholders conflicts




Manage assets increasing their value potential


Engage in capital markets transactions


Provide other transaction related services

Transactions of Gardiner Resources team members

  • Wide Professional Experience

    Gardiner Resources team members have advised on a wide range of deals since 2002

  • Large Industry Coverage

    Gardiner Resources team has deal experience in all major industries

  • Presence in Major Regions

    Gardiner Resources team is active across all main global geographies

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Deal Submission

Client submits a deal (buy or sell) in a simple and confidential way

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Matching with the deal captain

Gardiner Resources finds the deal counterparty via our large pool of partners

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Legal setup

NDA and Engagement letter are signed

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Deal Execution

The deal is executed by the partners under all-side IB support from Gardiner Resources

Gardiner Resources helps to
  • Monetize their hard work
  • Identify and pursue strategic alternatives
  • Devise strategies to enhance shareholder value
  • Raise capital to meet growth objectives
  • Develop new investment ideas
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